The Minor Foundation for Major Challenges supports advocates of climate mitigation. 

The foundation accepts applications from the canditates worldwide. In 2020, first time through Unifors application portal.

«The Minor Foundation for Major Challenges is a Norwegian foundation that supports communication projects which advance the transition to a low carbon economy. We believe that emissions must fall dramatically over the next two decades, We decided therefore in 2019 to distribute our capital over the next 10-15 years.»

The Minor Foundation is looking for projects in the range of €20,000 to €1,000,000 and has designed a two-stage application process where you first submit a short pitch and, based on this, you may be invited to submit a full application.
Furthermore, the foundation has also another, a simplified application process for grants of up to € 10 000.
The foundation accepts applications throughout the year and will process your application at the next board meeting. Six board meetings are held every year.
The Minor Foundation for Major Challenges supports projects that fall under their strategy and grants are awarded at the board’s discretion.
Support schemes
The Minor foundation has a two-stage application process where organisations are welcome to pitch their ideas. The board invites those with the best ideas to submit full applications. The Minor foundation can co-create projects with partners.
The Minor foundation has  a low threshold support scheme for small grants up to €10.000. Applications for these grants are one-stage and have simplified reporting procedures.
Application deadline for the current call is 21st January 2020. 

Click here to be transferred to the Foundation’s website.

You can apply for a small grant here.

You can submit a pitch for large grant (open prequalification) here.


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