Ann Kern-Godal’s memorial fund for Horse-Assisted Therapy promotes evidence-based research into horse-assisted therapy (HAT) for different patient groups.

«Horse assisted therapy (HAT) is an innovative psychotherapy that actively involves horses in the therapeutic process. It is provided as a health-related treatment with claimed benefits for physical and psychological health, including substance abuse disorder (SUD).» – Ann Kern-Godal

The fund is newly eastablished and has completed its first call for applications in 2019. The fund accepts applications from international candidates, and we have reviewed project descriptions from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Germany, France, Italy and Brazil. The academics reviewing the applications report that the level of competition and quality has been impressive and very high.


UNIFOR is pleased to announce that the following three candidates are the scholarship recipients of Ann Kern-Godal’s memorial fund for Horse-Assisted Therapy for 2019.


Charlène Hilbert, Université de Lorraine, France                             NOK 161 000

Project title:

”Study of cognitive and emotional processes during a horse-assisted therapy for people with addictive disorders.”


Manuela Modica, University of Rome «Foro Italico», Italy             NOK 85 000

Project title

«A Randomized Controlled Trial of Horse-assisted Therapy in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.»


Larissa Janine Bär, University of Konstanz, Germany                     NOK 203 000

Project title

«Synchronization of Heart Rate Variability as Suggested Mechanism for the Effectiveness of Horse Assisted Therapy: A Systematic Investigation.»


For more information about Ann Kern-Godal’s memorial fund for Horse-Assisted Therapy, please click here.

Note that the fund has an annual call for applications. The available funds are announced every year on 15 January. The application deadline is February 15.

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