Are you passionate about driving large-scale change to mitigate climate change? The Minor Foundation for Major Challenges (MFMC) invites international applicants to submit proposals for innovative communication projects that promote a transition to a low-carbon economy.


About MFMC

The MFMC, based in Norway, supports projects that aim to shift policies and practices in public and private institutions toward significant climate action. Its focus includes:

  • Innovating climate communication
  • Amplifying diverse voices in climate advocacy
  • Strengthening social and political movements for radical change
  • Prioritizing European initiatives

Grant Categories

MFMC offers two types of grants:

Large Grants (EUR 20,000 to EUR 200,000+)

Application Process: Two steps

1. Submit a short pitch

2. If selected, submit a full application


Small Grants (up to EUR 10,000)

Application Process: One step

Eligibility Criteria

  • Projects must align with MFMC’s strategic goals.
  • Applications with a purely local focus or those aimed at community-level projects (e.g., tree planting) are not eligible.

For detailed information on the Foundation’s strategy and bylaws, visit the MFMC website.

How to Apply

For Applicants with a Norwegian ID:

  1. Submit a brief project description to Tore Brænd at tore.braend@minor-foundation.no for preapproval.
  2. Upon approval, apply via the UNIFOR portal using «ID-porten.»

For International Applicants without a Norwegian ID:

  1. Email Tore Brænd at tore.braend@minor-foundation.no to request a user profile, including:
    • Organization name and contact details
    • Project description aligned with MFMC’s strategic aims
    • Proof of organization registration
  2. Once your profile is set up, proceed with the application in the UNIFOR portal.

The Foundation accepts applications continuously throughout the year. These applications are reviewed and decided upon at six annual board meetings. Since the dates of the board meetings vary each year, the application deadlines also change accordingly. The current application deadline is 8 August 2024. 


Technical Assistance

For help with the application process, contact UNIFOR staff during working hours (08:00-16:00 CEST). Note that assistance on deadline days may be limited.

Apply now to contribute to transformative climate action. Visit the Foundation’s FAQ for more information and get started on your application today!